RailCoreII CoreXY

The RailCoreII is a CoreXY 3d printer designed by Tony Akens and J. Steve White.  It was originally conceived in 2017 from a conversation in the #RepRap IRC channel.



The design capitalizes on the idea of using side panels to reinforce the frame, making a very compact and rigid printer.  Utilizing linear rails on all the axis, it's capable of very high precision prints, even at higher speeds.

The frame is made of 1515 extrusion, which is very inexpensive, and allows the use of m3 hardware for all the connections.  When combined with side panels, it is a very rigid platform.

The thingiverse page for the project is here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2407174

We have a forum here: https://forum.railcore.org/

We have a wiki here: https://railcore.org

And you can find us on Facebook Here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/RailCore/

Chat with us on IRC in #RailCore

There are currently 4 published models of the printer, info on them is below.  The "original" design is now considered deprecated, as the ZL has been enough of an improvement at a modest cost that we're recommending everyone go that route.

If you want to make a one time donation to help support the RailCore II project, or subscribe as a "Patron", buttons to do so are below as well.  All donations / subscriptions will go towards development costs of new improvements for the RailCore II printer.  (A page detailing what's being worked on will be added soon)

You can donate to the railcore project via paypal to: railcorelabs@gmail.com

Please note in the transaction it's a donation!

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