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NOTE: The "standard" model RailCore has been deprecated in favor of the "ZL" models. While these panel sets are still available, we recommend the ZL build.


A Set of side panels for the RailCoreII CoreXY 3d Printer, CNC cut out of HDPE plastic.  Set includes 5 side panels, plus 4 smaller panels for the electronics enclosure.  One side has a textured surface, one side has a glossy finish.  This is a set for the Standard build.


NOTICE: The HDPE has a textured side and a glossy side. The glossy side WILL HAVE SCRATCHES.  This is out of my control, as it's the only HDPE I am able to source at a reasonable price.  Logo is optional, and is not included unless the separate option is ordered.


To add a logo, add this product to your cart: https://www.kraegar.com/product-page/logo-for-side-panel-set


All side panel sets are made to order. Black side panels ship approximately 3 days after ordered.  White side panels must be custom ordered, and can add two weeks to the shipping time.  (The white panel price is higher because the material cost is higher, and also has a custom order fee)

RailCoreII Side Panel Set - Standard (Deprecated)