Materials Use

All side panel sets are cut out of HDPE plastic.  One side is textured, the other glossy.  You have the option for which surface you want visible.  The glossy side will likely have scratches on the surface, this is unavoidable, though I'll do my best to cut around them.

Below is a side by side of the glossy and textured sides.  

ZL Option

The ZL option adds leveling using 3 independent leadscrews. This option REQUIRES a duex2 or duex5 expansion board, different leadscrews, and different steppers.  It allows the printer to automatically level the bed on its own using the Z probe.

Payment and Shipping

Shipping costs are passed on directly based on product weight.


Returns & Refunds

All products are sold as is, though if there are any issues or concerns, please contact me and I'll make it right.

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